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LED M8 Mini Lights & Net Lights

"You Serious, Clark?"

Novelty Lights has teamed up with the king of exterior illumination, Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation, to create the brightest LED light set on.the.planet! Clark Griswold spent days untangling and testing thousands of light bulbs; not so with these LED mini light strings. Clark has personally approved these lights to last 50,000 hours and guranteed to be tangle free. Mr. Griswold decorated his house with 25,000 incandescent Christmas lights. That's 10,000 Watts of electricity. Today, Clark uses these energy-efficient LED's - saving more than 90% energy cost. Even better, he can connect up to 20 of these strings and never worries about those pesky breakers.

Our Clark Griswold approved LED Christmas lights are constructed using a larger M8 style LED. This M8 traditional style bulb is larger and twice as bright than regular LED mini lights. Go Big! Go Griswold! 

Available in 50 Light LED Mini Light Set & 100 Light LED Net Light Sets. 

"Dad, you taught be everything I know about exterior illumination." -Clark Griswold

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