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Blog posts of '2016' 'July'

All About Globe Lights: G30, G40, G50

Globe lights are becoming more and more popular every year.  Either using them for outdoor lighting projects or in special events, globe lights are the top choice of professional decorators and do-it-yourselfers.  


Our customers use these globe bulbs to create:

  • A canopy of lights for weddings and
  • Light up special events 
  • Restaurant patios and indoor spaces
  • Light up their home or gardens, and decks  


At Novelty Lights, we get a lot of questions about the differences between the 3 different globe shaped bulbs that we offer in both LED and Incandescent, listed from largest to smallest:



What size bulbs we recomend: 

For restaurants and other venues where the lights will be used daily, LED is becoming a popular choice because of the huge energy and cost savings.  G50 is the biggest size globe bulbs available and the one we recomend . For other projects, it really depends on how large of a bulb you want and what size socket you are needing to fit. Our G50 bulbs are definitely the most popular, followed by our G40s and G30s.


   The G50 bulbs use an E17 base, which is also called a C9 or intermediate base. The G40 and G30 bulbs use a smaller E12 or C7/Candelabra base. You can change out your globe lights for C7 or C9 Christmas lights for the holidays, just be sure that you order the correct size for your stringers!

Below you will see a table that compares our globe light options:




Base Size

Life Span


Comparison Photo



130 Volt

E12/C7 aka


3000 hour





130 Volt

E12/C7 aka


3000 hour




130 Volt

E17/C9 aka Intermediate Base

or we do sell a clear G50 bulb with an E12/C7 base.


3000 hour




0.74 - Watt

0.01 Amps/bulb

E17/C9 Intermediate Base

40,000 hour

Same dimensions as G50

Same dimensions as G50



It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Holiday Lights

   Here at Novelty Lights, Christmas is on our minds! We are finalizing our ordering for the holiday season to ensure that we have all of the lights you need this Christmas.

In fact, we are now fully stocked with Holiday Lights, including the popular C7 and C9 Christmas lights, every color and size of mini lights, starlight spheres, rope light snowflakes.  We suggest that you also look into purchasing your holiday lights now! It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday lights, because when the final quarter of the year rolls around, finding the holiday lights you’re looking for can become a difficult and exhausting task.

Christmas in July

Thinking about holiday lights outside of the winter months allows you a plethora of opportunities that you typically won’t have during the busiest months of the year. Planning and ordering holiday lights in the early spring and summer allows you time to research your options, choose the look you want, and avoid the hassle of shopping for lights at the store, leaving you plenty of time to get your lights long before the holiday craziness begins.

Getting your holiday lights early can serve a dual purpose. Enhance the atmosphere of any summertime party or add a twinkle of luminance to your quiet living space. With several ways to integrate holiday lights into your day-to-day life, Christmas really can come in July, and stick around all year long.

Stay ahead of the game and beat the holiday crowds by thinking about holiday lights early, and incorporating new uses for them throughout the year.  

Dont forget to check out our sales page year round and take advantage of great prices!