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Blog posts tagged with 'Mini Lights'

How to Wrap Trees with Mini Lights for Christmas

Wrapping trees with mini lights is a creative way to create bright, eye-catching Christmas lighting displays that will stand out.

Choose wide angle LED mini lights for the brightest, most energy efficient, and long-lasting display. Here’s how to wrap trees with mini lights to create a luminous light display this holiday season.

You don’t need to be a professional to wrap trees with mini lights. In fact, you can get the whole family involved.

If you’re wrapping trees outdoors, make sure you invest in outdoor mini lights. All of Novelty Lights mini lights are rated for indoor and outdoor use. They will not fade or break in cold or adverse weather conditions.  When you begin, unwind the mini lights and look for the male plug so you can plug in the lights when finished wrapping your tree.

You also need to determine the length of mini lights that you need for your tree. Depending on the width of your tree and how tall the tree is that you want to wrap, you will likely need to use several strings. Be sure to double check the maximum number of strings that you can connect of the lights you purchased. If you are using LED mini lights, you can connect 20+ strings together with no problems. Each product on our website has the maximum number of connected strings listed under the specifications.



Follow these easy steps to get you started.  

To make wrapping the tree incredibly easy, ball up the strings of lights. Start with the female end and wrap the lights around and around to create a ball. Alternately, we sell mini lights that are already in a ball, our Coaxial LED mini lights (sold by the case). We recommend starting from the bottom of the tree and working your way up. Start by wrapping the trunk of the tree, wrapping the mini lights firmly. You want to avoid wrapping them too tightly because you may need to adjust the lights in areas or swap out bulbs if one burns out. You also want to avoid wrapping the tree too tightly to give it room to breathe, especially outdoors.  

When you reach branches on your tree, you want to wrap the same way you did around the trunk but leave enough space so that you can wrap back towards the trunk after reaching the end of the branch. You don’t need to wrap all of the branched, and you only need to go about ¾ of the way up a branch for maximum effect.

Once you have reached the top of your tree, you’ll begin wrapping down the trunk of the tree, if desired. Doubling up on the mini lights on the trunk to create a brighter effect for the tree. When you’ve finished wrapping the tree, plug in the male plug you left at the bottom and enjoy the light show!

5 Tips for Hanging Mini Lights Year Round

Lights around a tree

Mini string lights are a massive trend among party-throwers and decorating gurus alike. Their versatility, soft ambiance, warm glow, and chic appearance make the addition of mini lights a must have in your living space, and they are affordable to boot!  Mini string lights are most used to illuminate your Christmas tree every winter. Don’t invest money for just one month of luminance. We’ve come up with five ways to use mini lights year-round.

5 Great Ideas for Hanging Mini String Lights

Frame a Window

Mini lights come in all different colors, styles, and lengths. For a smaller strand of clear lights, hang them around a window in your office or bedroom. The natural light from the window is already a great feature, so framing the window’s natural light with a warm and cozy glow adds eye-catching decor and the illusion of comfort to any living space. Use clear incandescent or warm white LED mini lights to create a warm, timeless look.

Wrap a Chandelier

We’ve all seen them. Whether they’re out in the neighbor’s trash can or sitting at a garage sale, old chandeliers with missing light bulbs are easy to come by. It may be difficult to find an appropriate bulb or the wiring might be broken, so people trash these treasures all the time. Recycle an old chandelier and wrap it with mini lights to give it the same luminous effect, without the trouble of restoring its original use. Mini string light wrapped chandeliers are a stylish and functional addition to any indoor or outdoor living space, and they’re sure to attract the attention of every party guest.

Create a Curtain

Lights on a wall

Whether you use this mini light light idea indoors or out, you’re sure to add decorative innovation and a warm glow to your living space. Hang mini lights in a dangling pattern against a wall or a window to create a mini light curtain. Great for backdrops on the porch, or evening glow in the bedroom, using mini lights to decorate a wall or window is a great way to add warmth and creativity to all your entertaining spaces.

Wrap the Tree Trunks

A typical way to hang Christmas lights for the holidays is by wrapping the clear or white mini lights around the tree trunks in your yard. The fun part is that this same technique can be used all year round with ease. Add an adirondack chair or a picnic table to the area where your tree trunks are wrapped, and create a luminous glow to bask in year-round. The soft ambiance of the wrapped trees is sure to be enjoyed!

Line the Fence

Backyard get togethers are a common entertainment option throughout the warm season. Decorating with mini lights creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere that can be inviting for any occasion. Start by stringing mini lights along the fence. You can drape them in a scalloped fashion, or stretch them along the top. To illuminate your entire yard for a get-together, we recommend also draping them across the patio for soft, intimate lighting.

Mini string lights are not just for the holidays. Put your money to good use, and let your creativity shine with these innovative solutions for decorating with mini lights year-round.  

7 Patio Light Ideas to Create an Outdoor Experience


All summer long, the warm weather makes for comfortable evenings sipping lemonade on the porch while watching fireflies flash or the kids play. Standard porch lights are mounted to the side of your house, and give off one harsh light that allows for limited visibility. Create an outdoor experience on your porch, patio or deck by ditching the traditional bulb, and integrating a different kind of luminescence.

7 Patio Light Ideas for a Creative Outdoor Experience

Mini Lights

A popular trend is the use of Christmas lights year round in the yard or on the porch. The warm glow of mini lights creates a twinkling illusion, and relaxed atmosphere that embodies the comfort of gathering outside. Mini lights can be draped from the house, across a pergola, dangling from the porch above, or simply strung along a wall or fence to create an outdoor experience of summertime comfort.

Stake Lights

Often solar powered, stake lights can be purchased at any home improvement or garden center. They simply get placed into the ground wherever you choose throughout your yard and attract the energy from the daytime sun to power nighttime luminance. You can use as few or as many stake lights as you’d like, and by strategically placing them around your yard, you can create a porch experience that will last year round.

Globe Lights

Different from the smaller mini lights, globe string lights are a great way to add warm light and sophisticated elegance to your outdoor living space. The large, round bulb creates an industrial look as a luxurious and trendy way to decorate outside. Your porch is a gathering place. By stringing globe lights across the porch and sitting area, you’re sure to establish an outdoor experience like no other.


Intimate and timeless, candlelight has long been a solution in transforming a regular living space into an intimate gathering spot. Candles have to be lit individually every time they are used, but their natural luminance gives off a subdued amount of light that creates a comfortable and close outdoor experience.

Patio Umbrella Lights

Buy a battery operated starlight sphere and hang it from your open patio umbrella to illuminate your dinner party table. These lights couldn’t be easier to use and hang and will provide hours of perfect lighting. Not needing to complicate your space with cords means this lighting idea can be put together effortlessly and will look fantastic.


Old chandeliers are a great accessory in lighting your patio throughout the year. Many people throw away chandeliers when they no longer work due to faulty wiring, or when light bulbs can no longer be found to replace old ones. Rather than tossing that beautiful decoration, wrap it in mini lights and hang it on the front porch. The string lights get plugged in, and the chandelier hangs effortlessly above your outdoor gathering or late night conversation, creating an elegant space and experience.

Rope Light

Rope lights

Also, a seasonal favorite, rope light is generally found in the holiday section throughout the winter. It's year round use is often overlooked, as rope lighting makes for a great porch illuminator, that is accompanied by a warm and organized appearance. Nothing hangs or dangles, or takes away from your porch’s existing beauty. Rope of light just adds visibility and style to any outdoor living space. We love to string rope light along a deck or even to wrap a deck with rope light for a crisp, classic look.

Transform your porch and outdoor living space with the help of some easy-to-use luminous decoration. Create an outdoor experience that you can enjoy year-round by incorporating these innovative light solutions to your outdoor living space. If you have any questions about how to illuminate your outdoor space, contact the experts at Novelty Lights at 1-800-209-6122