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Blog posts of '2018' 'August'

LED VS Incandescent Rope Lights

Rope Light is becoming more widely used as a decorative lighting fixture for every day and seasonal type use.  With this becoming so popular, one of the most common questions is: 

What is the difference between Novelty Lights LED and Incandescent Rope Light?

  •          Power Consumption:  LED rope lights are more efficient than Incandescent when it comes to power consumption. The actual energy usage will sometimes vary depending on the color of the rope light.  For example, the LED Warm White uses 0.8 Watts per foot vs the Incandescent Clear which uses 5.5 Watts per foot indicated by the graph below. 


  •          Bulbs:  LED bulbs are colored with a clear tube.  Incandescent bulbs on the other hand are clear with a colored tube.  This results in the LEDs having a truer color that is more bright and vibrant.  LED bulbs are rated at 50,000 hours vs Incandescent bulbs at 25,000 hours.

  •          Cost:  LED rope light is generally more expensive than Incandescent rope light.  The higher cost of LEDs is offset over time by the energy savings.


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