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Novelty Lights Rope Lights FAQ

Novelty Lights rope light, is a very popular line of products that can be used both indoor and outdoor for all season decorating or accent lighting.  Although most people have seen or worked with rope light before, we get a lot of questions about how to properly install this product.


Belwo are the most common questions:


Can rope light be cut to the exact length that I need? 

Rope Light is cuttable in specific sections.  The section length will vary depending on the type of rope light you are looking to purchase.  Refer to the Specifications tab on the rope light of your choice to find out Cutting Intervals.  You may also consult with our knowledgeable Novelty Lights Experts

Example Specifications from Warm White LED Rope Light:

What is the difference between 2 wire and 3 wire rope light?

Novelty Lights sells both 2 wire and 3 wire rope light.  2 wire rope light is a steady burn, always on when power is connected.  3 wire rope light is able to chase but will require the purchase of a chasing controller.  Without a chasing controller, the rope light will function like a standard 2 wire, all on rope light.


Is Novelty Lights Rope Light Dimmable? 

Yes. We sell both LED and Incandescent rope light.  Both technologies are dimmable.  However, we recommend the purchase of a LED dimmer to use with our LED rope light. 


What do I do if a section of my rope light is off?

Depending on the overall length of the rope light and the length of the section that is bad, you have a couple of options.  If the overall length is short, you might find it easier and more cost effective to replace the whole piece with brand new rope light.  However, if you have a long run of rope light with a small defective section, you may purchase a replacement piece and splice connections to replace the bad section.


What is the best way to mount Rope Light?

Novelty Lights has two mounting accessories, depending on the application. 

The most common accessory is the Rope Light Track.  These are 4ft pieces of channeling in clear or black track.  The track can be attached to most surfaces using a flat head screw or double sided tape.  Track is the best and easiest way to run rope light is straight lines. 

We also sell U shaped Rope Light clips.  The clips are a clear plastic and can be attached to most surfaces with a screw  The clips will allow for more flexible positioning but won’t be as easy or simple to keep in a straight line. 



Is Novelty Lights Rope Light flexible, up to what angle will it bend? 

Yes, our rope light is flexible and will bend up to 180 degrees.  Novelty Lights also provides accessories to make mounting easier. 


What is the difference between buying a custom cut length vs a spool?

Custom cut rope light will ship as a kit.  The kit includes a pre-installed power cord with your specified length of rope light. 

A 150ft spool of rope light includes an accessory kit that makes customizing lengths easier.